Edge Profiles

Your surface is not complete without an edge profile to complement your slab selection and space. Many edge profiles are possible, from a standard edge to laminated or mitered edges which create the appearance of a thicker slab. All edge details should have a minimum 1/8” radius on any profile, for both top
and bottom edges. For high-traffic areas, 1/4” minimum radius is suggested.

Choosing an edge

One way to start narrowing your choices down are evaluating your kitchen style and determining what might pair best – contemporary or traditional design? Take a look at the profiles in your kitchen, for example, the profile feature in the drawer or door front and look to coordinate that with your countertop edge style. You can work to reflect the profile features of your cabinet design in your countertop edges so it looks like you had one person design both kitchen features.


In our experience, the durability is consistent among all of the different edge styles.

Stone thickness

3cm = 1 1/4″

2cm = 3/4″